A Tech Wizard – Who Made A Name For Himself !

Yet another incredible milestone Dr. Sumit Kumar Dash has achieved with the conferring of Honorary Doctorate Degree in Philosophy by the SunRise University, Rajasthan, by virtue of Attaining Eminence in Banking Technology for his unwavering commitment to dedication and excellence..

“If you can’t find the book you want to read on the shelf, then you are meant to write it…’ and “If you can’t find the perfect workplace or job for yourself, then you are meant to create it”

-Dr. Sumit Kumar Dash

Team PayInc is extremely thrilled and salutes it’s Leader’s intellectual prowess and, is proud to be a part of Dr Sumit’s journey so far and, we at PayInc Private Limited eagerly look forward to, together witnesssing many more remarkable contributions of our Founder and CEO, Dr. Sumit Kumar Dash, in the years to come…..