PayInc Employees And The Pandemic How we coped with the COVID-19 Pandemic ?

It has been almost two years since the COVID-19 pandemic struck our nation. With times remaining largely uncertain since then, we also needed to make drastic changes to our mode of functioning in a very short period of time. At PayInc we have definitely come a long way since then. Remote working has now become a huge part of how we conduct our operations and we have grown stronger as a team. From the first wave to the now approaching fourth wave, we have seen offices closing down for physical operations, multiple times and, work from home becoming an operating model, for most organisations.

While the pandemic took us by surprise as well, at PayInc, we as a team put in our best to fight all odds, by taking precautions, keeping the health of our employees uppermost!Understanding the environment, we  quickly formulated systems andprocedures to ensure that employees are able to work comfortably from home,without havingany effect on  their productivity, by adequately assisting them inmanagingtheir work-life balance. This pandemic has proved to be a challenge for all of us owing to the forcefulisolation at home. To make up for the loss of physical interaction and networking that would have happened in a normal office setup, we at PayInc conducted regular virtual meetings with our employees, to maintain cohesiveness and to address any individual or collective concerns the employees  may be facing, in their delivering optimum performance, in a remote environment.These regular virtual meetingsalso enabled us to create a feeling of belonging with the purpose of resolving any issues which the team may be facing working from home.

We at PayInc, have always acknowledged and strongly believe, that our team is the backbone of our organisation and, is one of the most fundamental pillars;  and ithas been our continuous endeavour to ensure that we engage with ouremployees at all levels, and encourage them to share their views and, also ensure that we  implement any worthy suggestions put forth by them, which can ease the work on hand, resulting in increase in performance levels.

When the Government declared the vaccination drive, we were quick to rollout schemes to sponsor vaccinations for our employees in order to encourage them to take the vaccine by acknowledging their participation in Social Media as well.

To boost the morale of our employees, we also made sure we recognised and appreciated their efforts,by recognising their contribution with Good Work Awards and Certificates, which we ensured we post on all our Social Media platforms, to enable our employees get a sense of belonging and, to boost their morale in a solitary work from home environment.

Since 2020, we have improvised  the way we function. From completely working remotely to now a hybrid model of functioning, we have made sure that no matter what conditions prevail, we stand strong, shoulder to shoulder, to face any challenges we need to face and resolve. The pandemic has sure had a major impact on all of our lives, but fortunately at PayInc we turned this adversity into an opportunity, thereby making the the bond that we share as a team, more stronger and fulfilling !