Abhishek Pandey
Head – Tech Operations

Mr. Abhishek Pandey is a tech enthusiast, with a knack for software development and testing. After completing his B.Sc. (IT) from Mumbai University he started his journey as a Software Engineer by working with Offshore Data Processing Private Limited, where he first began undertaking Data Processing and Reporting. His interest in Databases and software development then progressed him up the corporate ladder as Senior Technical Support Engineer at a FinTech company. This is where his association with payment systems and processes began. He was actively involved in enhancing the transaction experience for their customers by identifying and eliminating all the errors in the system. His forward thinking and professional demeanour helped him carve a niche for himself in the FinTech space where he specialised in payments handling, database management and software development and maintenance.

Abhishek possesses in depth knowledge of programming languages like Java, ASP.NET on multiple Operating Systems like Windows, Android and Linux with a niche in Database management. His dedication and expertise in the FinTech field brought him recognition in the industry. His efficient and seamless working style helped every company he has contributed to multiply their sales and customer satisfaction. His expertise with SQL has specially been useful for companies to quickly serve data to their clients on request and process huge number of transactions effortlessly and without any errors.

Abhishek now leads Tech Operations at PayInc where he uses his expertise in Database management and software testing to build softwares that are powerful and smart to fetch information for their users within seconds and also facilitate accurate real time reporting systems. His agility to respond to client feedback and spotting bugs has paved the way to a number of happy clients who are now using a range of stable and scalable softwares that are developed by PayInc. Abhishek’s ability can however not be limited to just his professional achievements. Abhishek is a Music and Sports enthusiast who is famous among his peers due to his extensive knowledge of the fields.