Akhilesh Prajapati
Manager – Engineering

Akhilesh Prajapati is a highly skilled Engineering Manager with experience spanning over ten years in I.T., especially in web-based Application Development on .NET technology. Akhilesh has an outgoing personality, and combined with a zeal to accept a challenging job; he has been an asset to every organization he has worked with. Graduating with B. Sc with mathematics, Akhilesh went ahead and completed his post-graduation in M.C.A. from Mumbai University. He began his professional journey in 2010 as a Junior Software Developer for Shreeji Soft Technology. Within just a year, he jumped to the position of Senior Software Developer for My Mobile Payments Ltd., thus demonstrating his exceptional quality in learning and increasing productivity and efficiency.

The high skill set possessed by Akhilesh could be fathomed from the various projects he undertook as a Senior Software Developer; PayTM Domestic IMPS Service, Money-On-Mobile web application, Aadhar Card Validation, Callback Portal, Bus Reservation, Glass ERP and Flight Booking Service are the several projects that he undertook and completed while working with a team and individually as well. He has played an instrumental role in the business functionality, coding and production support for all these projects. This shows the kind of dedication and commitment he possesses for every task he is allocated; he makes it a point to fulfil every responsibility he is given.

After working as a Senior Software Developer for My Mobile Payments Ltd for eight years, Akhilesh joined PayInc as a Manager in Engineering in 2020. In a short span of two years, he has become an integral part of the company and has helped the company reach the position where it is now. He is adept in different software development methodologies, technologies, tools, languages, and even frameworks such as ASP.NET, SQL, JavaScript, MS Visio, TFS, Git Bash etc., which further makes him a valuable asset to the company. Apart from being a technological expert, Akhilesh is a people person; he is proficient in interpersonal communication and is popular among his peers for his excellent communication skills.

With years of experience working with different team members, he knows the dos and don’ts of working with people from different backgrounds. His proactive and focused attitude from a young age has helped him develop not just professionally but also personally. He also acknowledges the hard work and dedication put in by his colleagues and juniors and never misses an opportunity to appreciate the same. He is always up for any challenge and with the ability to handle multiple priorities.