Juned Shaikh
Co-Founder & COO

Juned Shaikh is an outgoing Customer Relations and Operations Management enthusiast who has graduated from a Distance university & done his Diploma course from M.H. Saboo Siddik College of Engineering. He possesses a total experience of about 20 years in the field of Operations and Customer Service. He had started his journey as a Quality Analyst at M/S Carma Pvt Ltd and continuously fine-tuned his skills to be associated with big names like Vodafone as Senior Customer Care Executive and was eventually promoted to the position of Team leader. He then moved on to working with MoneyonMobile, a FinTech company that was operational even before digital payments took off in India, as the Head of Customer Service for nine years.

During his tenure with all of these companies, Mr Juned was bestowed with a number of different awards for his exemplary performance and the value that he brought to the table. He played a very important role in increasing the overall productivity, profitability and sales of each of the organisations he has worked for, and his rich experience has now made him an expert in the field of Customer Relations and Business Management.

Apart from being a thorough professional, Juned has always been an effective and compassionate team leader, which helped him lead his team through any situation that he was put in with sheer grace. Juned is still applauded and adored by his team and peers for his people skills and how he uses communication skills to establish a unique connection with anyone he talks to, be it an employee, his peers or anyone he meets socially.

Juned also possesses a track record of being actively involved in launching a number of different successful programs and schemes in all the organisations he has worked for in the past, which in itself is a statement of his expertise in strategising and executing plans to attain goals set by companies. He has always been able to see the larger picture of any organisation and work towards attaining the long-term goals of the business by coming up with innovative and new ways of doing things.

After having a successful career in the field of Operations and Marketing, Juned decided to start on his entrepreneurial journey by co-founding PayInc. In his quest to innovate and develop ideas that go beyond time, he manages the customer relations and operations at PayInc. His never give up spirit, dedication, and love for his work have made him a source of inspiration for everyone at PayInc. He is often found acting as a motivation factor to most people at PayInc, inspiring them to give their hundred percent each day to take the organisation to the next level. It is his constant pursuit to make processes perfect to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the organisation, which is the base idea of all the products of PayInc.