Mr Sumit Kumar Dash is a tech-enthusiast, a serial entrepreneur and a firm believer in the concept of Balanced Development. Having graduated with Bachelors of Technology (B.Tech), in Electronics & Telecommunications, from the Biju Patnaik University of Technology, Odisha, Sumit was always passionate about making the latest technology available and affordable to the masses. He relentlessly pursued his passion and now has carved a remarkable niche for himself as an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the Financial Services Industry. Sumit is a hands-on professional with unmatched and proven aptitude in Solution Architecture, Data Security, Network Security, Database Engineering, Product Management & Agile Methodologies.

Sumit, with his vast experience of having worked with several leading companies in positions like Vice President of Technology for over a decade, has now founded his own Software Company – PayInc Private Limited, in the year 2019. During the recent pandemic, the difficulties faced by the unbanked and the underbanked citizens of the remote resource-deprived regions of India; attracted Sumit’s attention, and, from then on, Sumit directed all his efforts towards bringing about a Balanced Regional Development and making basic banking facilities available and affordable, to the last mile, throughout our country. Along with being a dedicated professional, Sumit is a true humanitarian; who always acknowledges that his employees are the pillars of his organisation and ensures that they remain connected and motivated at all times. With his sheer humility and magnanimity, Sumit has endeared himself not only to employees and peeers, but also left an impressionable mark amongst his competitors for his remarkable transparency in business.

With his simplicity and unmatched expertise, Sumit has been acknowledged and honoured by various leading institutions and magazines. To enlist just a few – Sumit has been featured in the July 2021 issue of Silicon India, a leading Business Magazine, where he extensively shares his views regarding the future of the Fintech Space in India and how an effective, motivated team brings about Brand Loyalty to the organisation as a whole. According to Sumit, the one element that has boosted the Financial Services Industry the most is – Technological Advancement; therefore, to stay relevant and competitive, the Financial Industry must step up and leap onto the Digital Bandwagon. With this belief, Sumit aims to constantly upgrade and innovate to uplift the quality of Financial Services in our country.

Sumit is a thorough, detailed-oriented, and focused professional who takes a lot of interest in whichever project he implements. With a CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) and ECSA (Certified Security Analyst) Certification from EC-Council, to his credit, Sumit firmly believes that any technical solution in play should have adequate security in place to provide a safe platform to the customers. Sumit brings with him a rich experience of over a decade of perceiving, innovating and enabling – Endless Possibilities with breakthrough software, and proved technologies, thereby continuously adding value to the current Digital Environment.

Sumit’s forte is his thirst to constantly innovate and look out for and learn about all the upcoming new technologies. Sumit’s calm demeanour, coupled with his ability to manage multiple and complicated projects with equal ease, has made him a sought-after professional of repute. Of late, Sumit has rightfully been recognised for his niche contribution by multiple institutions like SwiftNLift, INNERREVIEW, and many more, where he was featured on a cover page and was honoured with the title of “10 Most Powerful Leaders of Successful Companies to follow in 2022” and also, “10 Most Young and Visionary Business Leaders to Follow”. Sumit and PayInc Private Limited have been extensively featured in various other magazines like CIO Review, to name a few, for his exemplary contribution to enabling Digitisation in the Financial Landscape in India and for his remarkable success with his Dream Project – PayInc Private Limited!