Navaz Damania
Head – Public Relations

Navaz Damania is a Communications and Public Relations Specialist with a keen interest in Corporate Communications, Public Relations and Relationship Management. Navaz holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Mumbai, majoring in Entire Psychology. She is also a Certified Executive Assistant, qualified from the Davar’s College of Commerce, Mumbai. Navaz also holds various Certifications in Effective Communication, Public Speaking, Media Management, Crisis Management, Personality Development, and Emotional Intelligence, along with qualification in IRDA Insurance. With her varied experiences with MNCs like Grindwell Norton Ltd, ACC, TATAs, TCI, Patni Computers, 3i Infotech, ICICI Bank, ICICI Ventures, eMudhra, Celebration Films, etc., she paved her way up the Corporate ladder to become the Chief Executive Officer at Celebration Films Pvt. Ltd.

Navaz’s humble beginnings, combined with her zeal to value-add, and deliver nothing but the best at all times, coupled with her invigorating nature, made her move on to join as Vice President – Corporate Communications at MoneyOnMobile, a FinTech Company which was formed much before Digital Payments became a trend in our country. Her vision and her go that extra mile attitude enabled her to make a mark in whichever industry she pursued, where her work has been cherished not only by her employers but also by her co-workers. She is a go-to person for everyone in the organization, with her resolute to solve the most challenging situation amicably with utmost ease. A combination of her core skill set comprises of Management, Marketing, Effective Communication, Media Management, along with many more, which sets her apart; and each message – both verbal and written, internal and external, sent out by her is apt and relevant striking, the right chord with the recipients.

Navaz firmly believes in the saying, “Pen is mightier than the sword”, and with her expertise, she aims to contribute her best to bring about a change in the way Corporate Communication is perceived in the industry at large. Currently, heading the Public Relations Department at PayInc Private Limited, Navaz is determined to make Corporate Communications so simple and effective that they can be effectively executed by everyone at all levels. Her experience, combined with her empathy for those around her, along with her involvement in traversing that extra mile at all times, sets her apart and makes her a true professional. Navaz is not only acknowledged for her excellence at her workplace, but her humanitarian approach makes her approachable to all. She is also heavily involved in Social Causes that include taking care of stray animals, underprivileged students, etc.

Navaz has also been recently acknowledged at the “CorpComm Vision & Awards 2022 Summit” with an “Award in Excellence in Business Development & Growth Communication”, in recognition of her varied experience and her unique deliverables, in her current role of Head -Public Relations at PayInc Private Limited.

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